Drinking water

EnviroTech project team, with regard to physico-chemical composition of raw water and customer requirements, designs a unique device that produces […]

Mobile devices for water treatment

MOBILE DEVICES FOR WATER PURIFICATION Mobile devices for water purification These devices are consisted of following components: • Pretreatment – […]

Ultra pure water

These devices produce demineralized water with electrical conductivity less than 0.1 μS/cm. Ultraclear device does not contain strong acid and […]

Swimming pool water

EnviroTech offers modern solutions for swimming pool water preparation without use of chemicals. The quality of produced water (permeate) is […]

Whey processing

Whey or milk plasma is the liquid left over after coagulation of milk. It is a by-product in the production […]

Voda za piće

U zavisnosti od sastava vode i definisanih problema kupaca, projektni tim firme EnviroTech dizajnira jedinstveni uređaj koji proizvodi fizičko-hemijski i […]

Mobilni uređaj za prečišćavanje vode

MOBILNI UREĐAJI ZA PREČIŠĆAVANJE VODE Mobilni uređaji za prečišćavanje vode Ovi uređaji se sastoje od komponenti za predtretman (mikrofiltracija, multimedijalna […]