UV Sterilizer

UV sterilizer is a device that instantly destroys microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and bacteria spores) in the water. Concentration of minerals in water remains unchanged and radiation treatment does not affect the change in taste of water.
Chemicals are not added during the process of UV sterilization and thus there is no possibility of overdose. UV sterilization operates on the next principle: Ultraviolet rays are passing through the layer of water in the flow system and destroying all microorganisms thus producing totally sterile water. If the raw water contains elevated levels of suspended matter, color or concentration of iron
> 0.10 mg/L a pretreatment of raw water (filtration, iron removal or color removal) which ensures transparency of the water in the UV spectrum.
UV sterilizers are made of stainless steel for flow process in vertical or horizontal column with one or more UV lamps. Associated electronics located in the control unit controls the operation of the UV lamps, the radiation intensity, the overall working hours.

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