Devices for the preparation of ultra-pure water

These devices produce demineralized water with electrical conductivity less than 0.1 μS/cm.

Ultraclear device does not contain strong acid and strong base resins, instead raw water is being treated with reverse osmosis (after adequate pretreatment) thus demineralizing raw water with 99% efficiency. After the reverse osmosis, mixed bed resin or electrodeionizator system is installed, that further reduces the electrical conductivity to the level of ultra-pure water. Benefits of reverse osmosis demineralization:

Benefits of reverse osmosis demineralization:

RO demineralization has the following advantages compared with the conventional methods for the preparations of ultra-pure water:

• No chemicals are used for regeneration
• Neutralization of waste water is not necessary
• Installation space is small
• Small operating costs
• Easy maintenance of the device
• Fully automatized operation / easy handling

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