Public wells with purified water are the most economical way of supplying the population with potable drinking water. Devices installed inside the Public fountains are specially designed with regard to different chemical composition of raw water. Purifiers in the Public wells remove all harmful substances from drinking water, and the result is clean, odorless and colorless and water of pleasant taste. Buying of bottled drinking water becomes unnecessary expense. More information on the Public wells with purified water can be found on our specialized website, which can be viewed at:

Water purifiers technical characteristics

Devices for purifying water in the Public fountains are designed to remove all undesirable constituents such as suspended solids, turbidity, color, organic matter, iron, arsenic and other micro pollutants from raw water.
Purifiers in the Public wells also provide bacteriological quality of treated water.
Optimum configuration of the purifiers installed in the Public fountains is being determined in regard to chemical and microbiological composition of the raw water.
The most commonly used purifiers are made of the following components: mechanical filters, quartz sand filters, iron removal filters, absorbers with active coal and UV sterilizers. For purification of waters contaminated with organic matter, sodium and arsenic membrane filtration devices, usually nanofiltration, is being used.
All Public fountains are equipped with a special sensor taps for the distribution of treated water. The projected flow of the purified water at the Public wells is 500 – 800 L/h of treated water.


EnviroTech provides complete engineering:

• The implementation project,
• Technological project for water purifiers installed in the Public fountains,
• Water quality certificate,
• Cerificates in terms of health and safety of people,
• Maintenance of the water purifiers during the period of warranty as well as out of the warranty.

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