They are applied where it is necessary to remove total hardness, anions of humic and fulvic acid or nitrate. Devices operate on the principle of neutral ion exchange. Regeneration of the resins is carried out depending on the type of resin functional group by brine solution Na-chloride and/or Na-hydroxide. Depending on the type of resin and purpose they are softeners (AQ-MC), scavengers (AQ-SC) and denitrifiers (AQ-NO).


Water softeners are devices which remove ions of calcium and magnesium – constituents of water total hardness by neutral ion exchange on a strong acid ion-exchange resin. Regeneration of the resin is carried out by using a brine. Softeners are used in technological processes that require partial or complete softened water.
These devices are recommended for installation in the front of the hot-water boilers. They are also suitable for hotels, hospitals, laboratories, dental clinics, home for the supply of boilers, central heating systems for washing machines, dishwashers and coffee machines.
Softeners are manufactured in simplex and duplex versions, with manual or automatic control of regeneration.

Scavengers – Denitrifiers

These are neutral strong base based ion exchangers that remove humic and fulvic acids macromolecular anions or TOC, color and nitrates for industrial applications. Weak base anion resins in Cl – form remove macromolecular organic acids and nitrate anions in processes of drinking water preparation.
Regeneration of above stated resins is carried out using a saturated aqueous solution of sodium chloride, and frequently with the addition of a Na-hydroxide.
Scavengers are used for the preparation of colorless water without creating THM precursors, primarily as a part of the equipment for the preparation of drinking water or boiler water as a part of the chemical preparation of boiler feed water.
Denitrifiers are used for the preparation of drinking water in the food industry.
These devices are manufactured in simplex and duplex versions, with manual or automatic control of regeneration.

Ion exchangers – cabinets

These devices are applicable in the cases where supplying of continuous soft, colorless or nitrate free water is not required. It is successfully being applied for the water ion exchange for households, boilers, central heating systems, washing machines and dishwashers, as well as for soda and coffee machines. Devices are designed for laboratories, dental offices, bars, sweetshops, residential buildings and other places where soft water is needed.

Simplex and duplex softeners, scavengers and denitrifiers

Simplex devices are designed for higher capacities than cabinet type ion exchangers and are suitable for discontinued supply of purified water. Duplex equipment provides continual supplying of resin treated water.

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