EnviroTech offers a wide variety of controlers and meters that are used for water analysis in the laboratory or in the outdoor activities. We offer a large number of instruments manufactured by HANNA, some of which are shown below:
pH meter / Conductometers / TDS Meters
The instruments for the determination of sugar content in aqueous solutions


The instruments for determination of the total and residual chlorine, ammonia, phosphate, nitrate, nitrite, bromide and other
Industrial instruments

Water meters

EnviroTech company offers wide range flow rate water meters produced by world-renowned manufacturers such as Zenner, Baylan, Bürkert and others.

In the process of chemical dosing, control the water flow is measured with pulse flow meter, which is linked to the input pulse of dosing pumps, and it sets the impulses and regulates the amount of dosed liquid. Also dosing pump can receive the pulse signal from pulse flow meter at a current output of 4-20 mA.

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