EnviroTech d.o.o

Miroslav Kukučka Ph.D.

Miroslav Kukučka Ph.D.

doctor of chemical and technical sciences
EnviroTech is a company that is specialized for engineering, design, production, installation and maintenance of the equipment for drinking and process water preparation. The company was founded by Miroslav Kukučka, Ph.D. in 1988. Since then the company has experienced a dynamic rise with a product line that consists of the most modern equipment for water treatment.

Our company has developed very good business cooperation with major water treatment related companies from Europe and the World.

EnviroTech successfully solves all the requirements related to the design and manufacturing of the specific and unique devices for water and wastewater treatment. The devices are being built from the components made by the most eminent manufacturers. The company’s quality improvement has been followed by the Quality Assurance ISO 9001 Certificate since 1997, issued by the English certification body Lloyd’s Register.

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